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ISFA Partner with Veo Technologies to bring AI Video to School’s Football

Veo are changing the game when it comes to video within football. Having built and developed an AI powered 180 degree camera, capturing footage of entire football matches without a camera operator, the video revolution seems here to stay.

The Independent School’s FA (ISFA) have recognised that to both continue to develop players and increase participation, technology must be at the forefront of sport. With an entire footballing demographic that are digitally obsessed, hellbent on starring in and creating their own content, Veo offers this opportunity for young players to share their highlights, goals and remarkable stories all over the UK.

On the flip side, Veo’s highlights, tagging and analysis platform, used by Premier League clubs such as Burnley, Chelsea and Leicester City at Youth Level, offer coaches the opportunity to educate young players to higher degree. The message is clear - Players are visual and interactive learners.

We can only imagine the amount of times a U18 football coach has berated his tricky left winger for losing the ball and not attempting to retrieve it. With Veo, they can remain quiet and calm, highlighting and revisiting the moment in a classroom situation rather than the heat of the game.

With this partnership Independent School’s are able to purchase Veo at a reduced rate with Veo contributing back into ISFA funding with each purchase. The hope is to democratise video across Schools Football and make it a necessity, not a luxury for players to see themselves in action!

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