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Any school, parent or pupil wishing to make a complaint in relation to a Safeguarding or Child Welfare concern, please click here.

Any school, parent or pupil wishing to make a complaint in relation to any other matter should adopt the following procedure:



  1. A parent or pupil should first consult with their school before making any complaint and should ensure that the school is always copied in to any subsequent complaint made.

  2. Concerns and complaints should in the first instance be made to the ISFA member of staff responsible for the event or representative team concerned.  This should be made in writing.  Where the complaint is made by a parent/pupil, their school must be copied in.

  3. Where the complaint concerns the ISFA member of staff concerned or where the initial complaint is not resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant, then further representation should be made to the Chief Executive of ISFA (  

  4. In the event that there is still no satisfactory resolution, then a final appeal can be made to the Chairman of ISFA by the Head Teacher of the school.  However, please note that such representations to the Chairman may only be made by the Head Teacher.



There are thousands of children involved in ISFA competitions and ISFA cannot respond to complaints about competitions from individual parents.  Parents with concerns about ISFA competitions should discuss these with their child's school and the school may then, if it considers it appropriate, approach ISFA.  ISFA will always attempt to respond to constructive comment, criticism or complaint from any Member School.

A school wishing to lodge a complaint about a competition match/event should do so within 7 days of the match/event, providing any relevant supporting evidence.

A school wishing to lodge an appeal in relation to a decision made by ISFA should inform ISFA within 7 days of the decision.  The school will then have a further 48 hours to present its case and provide any supporting evidence.  The appeal will be heard by senior members of the ISFA Management Committee who have not previously been involved in the decision or the case in question.


ISFA will not accept complaints relating to selection decisions for representative teams.  It is a condition of participation in the ISFA Representative programme that schools, players and parents abide by and accept selection decisions without exception. 

ISFA understands and accepts that most parents naturally feel that their son/daughter has a strong claim to selection and that non-selection often causes great disappointment.  However, it is not possible to select everybody and ISFA uses well qualified coaches to make these decisions, which are considered with care.   Learning to deal with any consequent disappointment is part of education.  Where parents (or schools) are unable or unwilling to accept selection decisions, then ISFA will no longer be prepared to consider their players in the future.

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