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About ISFA football


The Independent Schools Football Association Ltd. (ISFA) is affiliated to The Football Association and is recognised by The FA as the body responsible for the development of the game in the independent sector.  

ISFA’s ethos is that of an educational organisation.  It aims to create opportunities for children within the sector by organising and encouraging competitions, representative teams and development opportunities as well as providing coaching courses and conferences for staff.  ISFA believes strongly in football as a vehicle for education and in the importance of Respect and Fair Play.

ISFA is a small organisation, with four members of staff and limited financial resources.  Consequently, ISFA is heavily dependent on volunteer teachers to deliver its programme; there must therefore necessarily be limitations on what can be delivered, and the Association must set realistic targets.  ISFA believes its role is to provide quality competitions, representative football, etc., and aims to encourage and assist its member schools to provide the quantity in terms of participation through regional tournaments, block friendly fixtures, internal school football, etc.

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