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Thursday 14th March, Kick-Off 12.45 pm
Highgate V Aldenham
at the Pirelli Stadium, Burton Albion FC

Parents and spectators are asked NOT to contact Burton Albion FC in relation to this match. All enquiries should be addressed to ISFA at


There will be two options:

General Admission will cost £4. There will be cash admission to the ground and seating in the Main Stand

Premium Tickets will be priced at £35 for all, irrespective of age. These will entitle the holder to admission to the stadium, admission to the Albion Suite, tea/coffee/biscuits before the match, match programme, reserved seating in the central section of the Main Stand (near the players’ tunnel), access to pay-bar in the Albion Suite, a meal after the match and attendance at the players’ post-match. The Albion Suite will open from 12.00 noon. Nobody will be admitted to the Albion Suite without a ticket.

Please click here to book premium tickets. Bookings for these tickets will close on Friday 8th March.  No bookings can be taken after this date because the catering order has to be confirmed to Burton Albion in advance.  There is no reduction available for children or OAPs. Tickets will be sent out by first class post approximately 5-7 days before the match.


American School in London 0 Berkhamsted 16

Arnold House 4 Bishop's Stortford 0

Beechwood 6 Dulwich Prep 4

Brighton College 6 Chigwell 0

Broomwood 3 Lancing 0

Buckswood 8 Bede's 3

Bury GS 1 King's School, Chester 3 (AET)

Cranford House 4 City of London 5

Crosfields 11 Bristol GS 1

Dame Allan's 1 Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate 2

Danes Hill, Oxshott 5 Cothill House 2

Elstree 1 University College School 2

Frensham Heights 2 Westminster Under School 9

Grammar School at Leeds 9 Bootham 0

Grange v. Prestfelde (Home Walkover)

Highfield 1 Downsend 4

KCS Wimbledon 2 Forest 0

Kew House 0 St. John's, Leatherhead 10

King Edward's, Witley 2 Farringtons 6

Kingston GS 3 King's House 2

Langley 1 Kimbolton 5

Lingfield College 7 Bournemouth Collegiate 2

Papplewick 4 Aldro 0

Parkside 2 Trinity 3

Port Regis 2 Millfield 9

Reigate GS 3 The Hall 7

Rokeby 1 Epsom 4

Rossall 1 Merchant Taylors', Crosby 4

Sevenoaks 2 The Pilgrims 1

St. Dunstan's 4 Claremont Fan Court 2

St. Joseph's, Ipswich 0 Haberdashers' 5

St. Joseph's, Reading v. Ibstock Place (Away Walkover)

St. Margaret's, Bushey v. St. Edmund's, Ware (Home Walkover)

Stephen Perse 0 Brentwood 6

Thomas's Battersea 1 Mill Hill/Belmont 9

Wetherby Prep 6 ACS Cobham 2

Byes: St. Margaret's, Bushey


Beechwood v. Danes Hill, Oxshott (Home Walkover)

Brentwood 6 Latymer Upper 0

Broomwood 0 Wetherby Prep 1

Buckswood v. Papplewick (Home Walkover)

Cheadle Hulme 3 Merchant Taylors’, Crosby 2

City of London 1 Shrewsbury House 5

Epsom 2 Downsend 3

Farringtons 2 Westminster Under School 0

Grammar School at Leeds 0 Bolton 0 (AET) (4-2 Pen.)

Haberdashers’ 8 Repton Prep 2

Haileybury 0 Berkhamsted 6

Highgate 10 Brighton College 0

John Lyon 9 Arnold House 3

KCS Wimbledon 4 The Hall 0

Kimbolton 1 Mill Hill/Belmont 3

Lochinver House v. St. Margaret’s, Bushey (Home Walkover)

Millfield 1 Crosfields 2

RGS Newcastle 7 Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate 1

Sevenoaks 1 St. Dunstan’s 6

St. Bede’s College 1 Grange 6

St. Paul’s Juniors 3 Lingfield College 8

St. John’s, Leatherhead 3 Royal Russell 1

Stockport GS 0 King’s School, Chester 3

Trinity 12 Ibstock Place 2

University College School 14 Kingston GS 1



Alleyn’s 3 Downsend 2

Ardingly 4 Beechwood 2

Brentwood 1 Aldenham 3

Crosfields 3 Berkhamsted 1 (AET)

Dulwich College 7 John Lyon 1

Farringtons 4 Trinity 6

Haberdashers’ 2 St. John’s, Leatherhead 1

Hampton 1 Whitgift 3

KCS Wimbledon 3 Buckswood 0

King’s School, Chester 1  Grammar School at Leeds 5

Lingfield College 2 Mill Hill/Belmont 1

Manchester GS 4  Grange 1

RGS Newcastle 2  Cheadle Hulme 2 (AET) (4-3 Pen.)

Shrewsbury House 0 Lochinver House 4

St. Dunstan’s 0 Highgate 6

University College School 7 Wetherby Prep 0


Matches to be played by 9th December 2023.  Schools are asked to agree match dates and kick-off times and communicate these details to ISFA ( by no later than 23rd November.


Aldenham 4 Lingfield College 1

Alleyn’s 2 Highgate 6

Crosfields 1 Trinity 5

Dulwich College 2 Haberdashers’ 3

Grammar School at Leeds 2 University College School 2 (AET) (1-4 Pen.)

Lochinver House 0 Ardingly 3

Manchester GS 4 RGS Newcastle 1

Whitgift 0  KCS Wimbledon 2

Matches to be played by 20th January 2024. Schools are asked to agree match dates and kick-off times and communicate these details to ISFA ( by no later than 14th December.


Haberdashers' 4 Ardingly 3

Highgate 4 KCS Wimbledon 0

Trinity 6 Aldenham 7 (AET)

University College School 2 Manchester GS 3

Matches to be played by 3rd February 2024. Schools are asked to agree match dates and kick-off times and communicate these details to ISFA ( by no later than 24th January.


Aldenham 2 Haberdashers 1 (AET)

Manchester GS 2 Highgate 5 


Highgate v. Aldenham
14th March 2024 (at Burton Albion FC)



These matches to be played 14th September 2024


First Round matches to be played by 21st September 2024

Where First Round fixtures are dependent on the results of Prelim. Rd matches, then an extension to 25th September may be granted for First Round matches on the condition that Second Round matches are not delayed.  However, this extension will not be permitted for matches that are not dependent on Preliminary Round results.  


These matches to be played by 12th October 2024


These matches to be played by 16th November 2024


These matches to be played by 7th December 2024


These matches to be played by 25th January 2025


These matches to be played by 8th February 2025


March 2025

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