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Turf Tank Reveals the Groundbreaking Turf Tank Two Line Marking Robot

Turf Tank Two, the successor to the globally successful Turf Tank One, is set to redefine the autonomous robotic line marking sector with its innovative hardware and software capabilities.

Following the international success of the Turf Tank One, the updated model has been meticulously crafted, utilizing robust research and development, constructive feedback from users, and a focus on elevating the user experience to new heights.

Performance and accuracy remain the hallmarks of Turf Tank. The Turf Tank Two incorporates dual motor drives for enhanced momentum and optimized wheels for superior traction, resulting in remarkable marking times that raise the bar in the industry, such as:

Football 11v11: An efficient 23:56 minutes.

Rugby: A steady 3 hours 33 minutes.

Rounders: A quick 6 minutes.

400m Running Track: A brisk 1 hour 33 minutes.

Revamped Sprayer Module

Speed and accuracy are paramount when it comes to efficiency, but even more so is the user-friendliness of the Turf Tank Two.That is why the sprayer module has been significantly upgraded to make fine-tuning as straightforward as a twist of a knob. It adjusts disc height, width, and includes a disc ruler for improved oversight.

Precise tolerances deliver sharper and crisp lines between 5-15cm. The rack-and-pinion system allows for easy adjustment from minimum to maximum in one smooth motion. The height of the sprayer discs can be easily adjusted in increments of 5mm, offering users the ability to achieve the ideal sprayer height. To deliver perfect and consistent results on every mark, fine-grained adjustments can be made via another turning knob.

Maintenance has also been simplified, with the module now designed as a separate component. Just by loosening two screws users can easily access specific parts, and a one-hand solenoid removal feature allows for quicker working when the robot has finished painting.

Advanced Control Features

A brand new front panel offers convenient pause/resume options with LED indicators that display the robot's status along with a start/stop sprayer button. An LED indicator on the battery ensures a swift status check - even when the battery is not plugged in. To make for even smarter operating, batteries can now be replaced without the need to power down the robot.

Ergonomic Enhancements

The Turf Tank Two incorporates numerous ergonomic improvements designed to streamline operation.

A newly designed compartment increases both efficiency and the ease with which paint is inserted. Bypassing the need for heavy lifting the tilted pump cover permits up to 20 liters of paint to be easily slid into the robot and ensures that the suction rod can extract and use all the paint. Battery access has been simplified, requiring a single movement to lock it in place.

Additionally, handles on the front and back make loading and unloading from vehicles easier.

Unleashing New Possibilities

Whilst the Turf Tank Two handles on-field performance, the tablet is what enables planning out the pitches.

Inside the palm of your hand is where the user experience is propelled to new heights. Users can now batch edit fields, place layouts inside layouts e.g., an 11v11 football pitch with two 8v8 fields inside, as well as design custom routes, and measure directly on the map.

All these functions are performed within the comprehensive visual layout editor that lets users change or remove any line of a field. Any line can be made dashed, new lines can be added to existing layouts, and new layouts can be converted into templates for future use. All templates within the app can be swiftly moved and precisely placed using the drag-and-drop features.

Brand new in-app guides help users navigate through most features, and a newly integrated Wizard provides a walkthrough for the cleaning and priming process of the paint system. To make sure that lines are staying straight, a new augmented reality calibration routine guides users to correct any discrepancies by simply using the tablet’s built-in camera to take a picture of the painted lines.

These features are also available in Offline Mode, ensuring full functionality of the Turf Tank Two even when an internet connection is not available.

As with the robot itself the new software has been developed with the user in mind. Turf Tank Customer Service can now help customers through remote access which allows them to assist in setting up pitches, diagnose problems and provide support instantly wherever the user is. A  new in-app help center is available to troubleshoot and answer frequently asked questions to get the user marking within minutes of encountering an issue.

For more information or to book a demo, please click here.

Watch the reveal video here.

About Turf Tank

Turf Tank is a pioneering company that revolutionized the line marking industry with the inventions of the world’s first autonomous line marking robot. By automating the line marking process, Turf Tank has streamlined operations, enhanced precision, and significantly reduced labor costs. The company's groundbreaking solution has garnered widespread recognition, culminating in its inclusion on Fast Company's prestigious Annual List of the World's Most Innovative Companies for 2023.

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