The 2014-15 Surrey & Hampshire U11 Seven-a-Side Tournament will take place on Friday 26th September at Rokeby School Playing Fields, River Hill, Old Malden, Surrey, KT4 7QB. 

Please note that the Playing Fields are not at the School.  For a map, please click here.


The following schools have entered:

Hoe Bridge
King's House School
Lanesborough School
Mayville High
Oakwood Prep
Portsmouth Grammar
Prince's Mead
Sherborne House
Shrewsbury House
St Andrew's (Woking)
The Hawthorns


Rokeby sports field provided the perfect setting for the Surrey & Hampshire U11 Seven-a-Sside Tournament with a rich variety of screamers, unlucky goals, lucky goals, unbelievable saves, joy and heartbreaks.  Winners, Cumnor House (Croydon) clearly dominated through each stage of the tournament, winning their group stage with a staggering 20 goals to their name and none conceded. Although already tipped as favourites to win by many spectators at this early stage, Group 3 had emerged as a particularly strong group with Whitgift, Shrewsbury House and hosts Rokeby battling it out in a dog eat dog battle. A notable highlight of the tournament was the impressive goalkeeping throughout, in particular, Whitgift’s keeper Sam Long’s outstanding performance in the quarter-finals, not only preventing the strong Twyford Prep team from scoring in the game but also keeping a clean sheet in the penalty shoot-out to clinch a semi-final place.  Penalties were also required to see Lanesborough and Portsmouth Grammar School into the semis, the only quarter-final being decided in normal time being Rokeby v. Cumnor House where the technically strong and impressive hosts could not overcome the physically stronger Cumnor House, going down 2:0. In the semi-finals, last years winners Portsmouth Grammer School comfortably made it to the final, easing past Lanesborough 1-0, the goal an outstanding one. However, Lanesborough also had their chances and, with more fortune, might have converted some chances into goals. A physically strong performance by both the Whitgift and Cumnor House boys provided an intense and ‘too close to call match’, inevitably leading to a nerve-racking penalty shoot out which went to seven kicks each before Cumnor House come out on top. Although a deserved outcome for Cumnor House, considering their overall tournament performance, the sheer determination and team spirit of the Whitgifts boys was on a par and there was every sympathy for them in missing out on a place in the National Finals by such a slim margin.

The early tournament favourite against the defending champions; anticipation was at a high for the Final!  However, Cumnor House dominated the field from the first minute, demonstrating good team-work upfront and a solid defence.  Ryan Saunders, who stood out throughout the tournament, to open the scoring but, straight from the restart, Portsmouth took advantage of Cumnor’s celebrations to equalise through a textbook Lionel Messi goal by Alex Ellison, who single-handedly dribbled the ball from his own half up the field to score, leaving his counterparts and opponents stunned.  Pompey joy was shortlived as, within 3 minutes, Cumnore had scored another 3 goals through Ryan Saunders, though Yomi Ajibola deserves a mention for his two beautiful assists,  especially the last which he chipped the ball over the head of the last defender to find Saunders who sealed the deal and win the Final with a 4-1 scoreline.  Cumnor House were certainly deserved winners but Portsmouth Grammar School received the considerable consolation of also qualifying for the National Finals, in their case for the second season in succession, a fine achievement,

Please scroll down the page for all the Results and group placings.

Pictures are courtesy of RWT Photography. For further pictures of this tournament, go to


GROUP A: Bedales 1 Twyford Prep 3; St. Andrew's 0 Hordle Walhampton 0; Cumnor House 3 Sherborne House 0; Bedales 2 St. Andrew's 2; Cumnor House 0 Twyford Prep 0; Sherborne House 1 Hordle Walhampton 0; Bedales 0 Cumnor House 5; Sherborne House 3 St. Andrew's 0; Hordle Walhampton 0 Twyford Prep 2; Bedales 0 Sherborne House 1; Hordle Walhampton 0 Cumnor House 7; Twyford Prep 1 St. Andrew's 0; Bedales 1 Hordle Walhampton 2; Twyford Prep 0 Sherborne House 1; Cumnor House 5 St. Andrew's 0
1 Cumnor House; 2 Sherborne House; 3 Twyford Prep; 4 Hordle Walhampton; 5 St. Andrew's; 6 Bedales

GROUP B: Whitgift 1 Shrewsbury House 0; The Hawthorns 1 Ryde Junior School 0; Stroud 2 Rokeby 2; Whitgift 1 The Hawthorns 0; Stroud 0 Shrewsbury House 1; Rokeby 3 Ryde Junior School 1; Whitgift 1 Stroud 0; Rokeby 0 The Hawthorns 0; Ryde Junior School 0 Shrewsbury House 2; Whitgift 0 Rokeby 1; Ryde Junior School 1 Stroud 2; Shrewsbury House 2 The Hawthorns1; Whitgift 3 Ryde Junior School 1; Shrewsbury House 0 Rokeby 0; Stroud 3 The Hawthorns 0
1 Whitgift; 2 Shrewsbury House; 3 Rokeby; 4 Stroud; 5 The Hawthorns; 6 Ryde Junior School

GROUP C: Oakwood 1 Portsmouth GS 1; Lanesborough 0 Hoe Bridge 2; Oakwood 1 Lanesborough 2; Prince's Mead 0 Portsmouth GS 3; Oakwood 0 Prince's Mead 0; Hoe Bridge 2 Portsmouth GS 2; Portsmouth GS 1 Lanesborough 1; Hoe Bridge 1 Prince's Mead 1; Oakwood 1 Hoe Bridge 0; Prince's Mead 0 Lanesborough 3
1 Lanesborough; 2 Portsmouth GS; 3 Hoe Bridge; 4 Oakwood; 5 Prince's Mead

QUARTER-FINALS: Cumnor House 2 Rokeby 0; Whitgift 0 Twyford Prep 0 (Whitgift won on pens); Lanesborough 1 Shrewsbury House 1 (Lanesborough won on pens); Sherborne House 0 Portsmouth GS 0 (Portsmouth won on pens)

SEMI-FINALS: Cumnor House 0 Whitgift 0 (Cumnor House won on pens); Lanesborough 0 Portsmouth GS 1

FINAL: Cumnor House 4 Portsmouth GS 1


2012-13 Portsmouth Grammar School
2013-14 Cumnor House

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