“Football at the Heart of School Life”


Imagine the lively morning debates before school about last night’s game, the eager walk to class after the highs and lows of a World Cup Final played out at break-time, the sense of pride when representing your school team, the elation of scoring a goal after an amazing passing sequence between teammates, the inspiring classroom conversations about the pathway to England hero, and the times when we stop and think and relive those moments all over again looking back as adults.

We all know that football is like no other in its ability to capture the hearts and minds of school children, to inspire these young people, to unite young people together and to create powerful life-time memories, particularly throughout secondary school.

We believe that every young person should have access to these inspirational experiences and happy memories of football in school life. Our mission is to make this possible by supplying teachers with the ideas, tools and resources that teachers value whilst engaging closely to ensure we can continually support teachers effectively.

The FA Secondary Schools Programme

The programme is free to all schools and comprises four clear elements.

   • After School Clubs
   • Leadership
   • Intra School Football
   • Inter-School Football


Each of the elements above are supported by a multitude of resources and ideas to support delivery, available through a variety of digital channels,  with printed versions and Nike merchandise options also available via our Schools Football Shop which is available from September.

Digital and Social Media

To support engagement we’ve also launched a series of specific social media feeds for teachers which will highlight new resources that can be accessed and also discuss topics of interest which are relevant for schools each week so that ideas are always at your fingertips.

Enrol now

All schools have to do to enrol is to visit the new online FA Schools Portal, create a quick and easy profile and all resources will be stored here for easy access.

The portal and launch will be officially live from 15th June.

Follow us on twitter and Instagram, via @FASchools and all information about how to enrol from the middle of June will be posted there.

Partners Links

The FA Secondary Schools Programme is delivered in close partnership with our national partners English Schools F.A. and Independent Schools F.A. together with The FA's network of County Football Associations across the country.

To sign up to The FA’s Secondary School Programme or for more information visit


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