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SEASON 2022-23


 The Draws for the 2022-23 ISFA tournaments have been made and can be found via the links below.  Where required, schools are asked to get ahead with arranging dates and kick-off times for matches and provide ISFA with this information (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

ISFA has been delighted with the response to our new tournaments.  Entries have been higher than expected and, as a result, the play-by dates for the ISFA Shield tournaments have been adjusted.  The reason for this is that we wish to avoid fixture congestion in the early part of the season.  ISFA believes that it is very important that competitions do not become too dominant at the expense of the traditional school friendly block fixtures.

2022-23 will be the first season of our new Trophy and Shield tournaments.  ISFA will assess progress during the season and decide whether or not any changes or adjustments are required for 2023-24.

DRAWS - Please click below:

Boodles ISFA Cup
ISFA U18 Trophy
ISFA U18 Shield

ISFA U15 Cup
ISFA U15 Trophy
ISFA U15 Shield

ISFA U13 Cup
ISFA U13 Trophy
ISFA U13 Shield


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