The Draw for the Preliminary and First Rounds of the 2014-15 Boodles ISFA Cup was made on 19th May.  The Draw was made by Mr. Adrian Neeves.

Schools are asked to agree match dates and kick-off times by 20th June and to communicate these to ISFA ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).  In the case of First Round matches dependent on the result of a Preliminary Round match, schools are asked to arrange provisional dates for both eventualities and communicate these to ISFA.

To be played by Saturday 20th September

Tuesday 16th September
Bournemouth Collegiate v. RGS Guildford (4.00)
Sherborne v. Lingfield Notre Dame (2.30)

Wednesday 17th September
Stockport GS v. Cheadle Hulme (2.15)

Thursday 18th September
Hurstpierpoint v. Box Hill (3.45)

To be played by Saturday 27th September
(Recommended midweek period: 23rd-25th September)

Tuesday 16th September
Aldenham v. Forest (2.30)
St. John’s School, Leatherhead v. St. Edmund’s College, Canterbury

Wednesday 17th September
Dulwich College v. Frensham Heights (2.30)

Tuesday 23rd September
KES Witley v. Sherborne or Lingfield Notre Dame (2.15)
Repton v. Ardingly (2.30)

Wednesday 24th September
ACS Cobham v. Haberdashers’ Aske’s (3.00)
Birkdale v. John Lyon (2.30)
Brentwood v. Alleyn's (2.30)
Bury GS v. Harrow (2.00)
Chigwell v. Trinity (2.30)
City of London v. Whitgift (2.30)
Grammar School at Leeds v. Ackworth (3.00)
Hampton v. Oldham Hulme GS (2.00)
Highgate v. Ibstock Place (2.30)
Hill House v. Wolverhampton GS (2.15)
LVS Ascot v. Shrewsbury (2.30)
Malvern v. St. Bede’s College, Manchester (2.00)
Manchester GS v. Charterhouse (2.00)
Millfield v. The Grange (1.30)
RGS Guildford v. Bede’s (2.30) (provisional, if RGS Guildford win Prelim. Rd. match)
RGS Newcastle v. Bolton
Royal Russell v. Haileybury (2.30)
University College School v. Kimbolton (2.30)

Thursday 25th September
Bedales v. Latymer Upper (2.30)
Bournemouth Collegiate v. Bede’s (provisional, if BCS win Prelim. Rd. match)
Bradfield v. Norwich (2.30)
Dover College v. Eton (3.00)
Hurstpierpoint v. Colfe's (2.30) (provisional, if Hurstpierpoint win Prelim. Rd. match)
King's School, Chester v. Canford
Lancing v. The Harrodian
St. Columba's College v. Winchester (1.45)
Stockport GS or Cheadle Hulme v. Tonbridge (4.00)
Westminster v. Bedford Modern (2.30)

Dates to be arranged
Box Hill v. Colfe’s (provisional, if Box Hill win Prelim. Rd. match)


Spectators are always advised to check kick-off times with the home school before travelling.

Most schools welcome spectators wishing to attend ISFA Cup matches. However, spectators who are not parents or connected to the home school are reminded that schools are private property. Please contact the school in advance to ascertain the specific procedures that are in place.

Spectators are reminded that schools must take great care with security and need to know who is visiting the school and for what purpose. Spectators are therefore asked to co-operate with this understandable need for security.

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6th-8th Aug
ISFA U14 at
Oakham Academy Festival

Sun 31st Aug
ISFA Inset Coaching Award
(Alleyn's School)

Mon 1st Sept
ISFA Inset Coaching Award
(Cheadle Hulme School)

Sun 7th Sept
Complete Sports Solutions
ISFA Sixes
(Chigwell, 10.00)

Sun 28th Sept
North U18 & U16 Trials
(Bolton, 12.00)

Sun 28th Sept
South U16 Trials (11.00)
South U18 Trials (2.00)